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Amazon Sidewalk specification

The Amazon Sidewalk specifications consists of the following documents.

Amazon Sidewalk protocol specification

This document defines the wireless protocol used by Endpoint devices in the Amazon Sidewalk network. It covers information about:

  • Protocol stack layers
  • The Amazon Sidewalk sub-1 GHz radio
  • Interactions between endpoints and other elements of the system, such as commands and procedures.
  • Power profiles
  • Security and architecture
  • Frame formats and detailed descriptions of frame fields.

The document does not include the detailed specification of gateways and the Amazon Sidewalk Cloud, or the interactions between the gateways and the Amazon Sidewalk Cloud.

For more information, see Amazon Sidewalk protocol specification document.

Amazon Sidewalk test specification

This document outlines the Amazon Sidewalk reference test cases used to qualify an endpoint device for compliance with the Amazon Sidewalk protocol specification. The document also includes the Amazon Sidewalk Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) in the appendix, which details the mandatory and optional Sidewalk features that must be implemented in the device.

The purpose of this document is to verify the device’s compatibility with the specified Sidewalk implementation, and its alignment with the developer’s requirements. Developers must submit a PICS statement for their device when applying for Sidewalk qualification, confirming that the device’s Sidewalk implementation meets the specified criteria.

The Sidewalk endpoint device is referred to as a Design Under Test (DUT) in the document. For more information, see Amazon Sidewalk test specification document.

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