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Works with Amazon Sidewalk Qualification Guidelines

These Works with Amazon Sidewalk Qualification Guidelines are part of the Policies governing your use of AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk and/or participation in the WWAS qualification program. Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in these guidelines have the meanings given in the AWS Customer Agreement or the AWS Service Terms, as applicable.

End Users trust that AS Devices meet a high standard for quality and integration with Amazon Sidewalk. You may not sell, distribute, or otherwise make available any AS Device, or use any WWAS Marks in connection with any AS Device, unless that AS Device has been and remains qualified at all times through the WWAS qualification program.

For details on the WWAS qualification program, see our WWAS program documentation (which are incorporated into and are a part of these guidelines).

General Guidelines

  1. We may determine in our sole discretion which AS Devices receive and maintain WWAS qualification. Meeting these qualification guidelines does not guarantee that your AS Device will be qualified, but you must comply with these guidelines to be eligible for qualification. We review WWAS qualification requests based on the quality of your AS Device’s integration with Amazon Sidewalk, its specifications, and other information you provide to us, among other criteria.

  2. We may limit qualification to specific countries or territories and require you to re-qualify an AS Device before selling, distributing, or otherwise making it available in additional countries or territories.

  3. We may update these qualification guidelines to introduce new features or requirements. You must comply with these qualification guidelines, as updated from time to time, to maintain qualification of your AS Devices.

  4. You agree that we may publish the following information about your AS Device’s qualification: AS Device details, features claimed, Amazon Sidewalk protocol specification version, qualification status, and any AS Device documentation that you provide for publication with an AS Device’s qualification listing.

  5. At all times, including whether or not in connection with use of the WWAS badge, you may not misrepresent, mislead, or embellish the nature of your relationship to us, your AS Devices’ qualification status, the scope or meaning of your AS Devices’ qualification, or the compatibility of any of your AS Devices with Amazon Sidewalk, each as may be determined by us in our sole discretion.

Quality Guidelines

  1. Each AS Device must maintain reliable service and an overall good customer experience. For example, if your AS Device, or the associated application or service, experiences outages, latency, or other events that impact customers’ experience using the AS Device, the AS Device may lose its qualification.

  2. Your AS Device and its associated application or service must be up-to-date with the latest applicable mandatory Amazon Sidewalk SDK functionality (including, without limitation, the Amazon Sidewalk hardware SDK and the Amazon Sidewalk mobile app SDK). If Amazon introduces mandatory new features or functionality to Amazon Sidewalk SDKs for your AS Device or associated applications or services, you must update your Amazon Sidewalk integration to include the mandatory new feature or functionality, as applicable. You are responsible for integration and distribution of any required security updates into your AS Devices and associated applications and services.

  3. We may revoke qualification if an AS Device contains a vulnerability that impacts Amazon Sidewalk or other devices. You must continue to provide security updates for your AS Devices for the minimum time period we specify, and you must implement security updates to address vulnerabilities related to your AS Devices within the time periods we specify. You must immediately report the discovery of any vulnerability related to your AS Device to us.

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