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Try the sensor monitoring tutorial

The sensor monitoring application demonstrates a set of simple Sidewalk-based IoT use-cases: sensor monitoring, command-control and alarms/alerts. The sample application communicates with the cloud backend over the secure Sidewalk network.

The Amazon Sidewalk Sample IoT application consists of an edge device (A qualified hardware development kit) running the embedded application and application server (cloud backend with web UI). The Edge device, after initial setup and registration in Sidewalk network, sends the temperature measurement periodically to the backend. The backend visualizes the data on graphical UI in a form of chart.

For detailed instructions including pre-requisites and configurations, see Amazon Sidewalk Sample IoT Application Tutorial. In this tutorial, scripts are used to programmatically add a Sidewalk destination, launch the application, create the required wireless resources, and then connect the edge device to the application after flashing the binary images on the HDK.

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