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Manufacturing Amazon Sidewalk devices for mass production

This section describes how contract manufacturers (CM) can mass manufacture Sidewalk-enabled products. This flow is used when you want to manufacture a large number of devices, such as for bulk production applications. After you manufacture these devices, the control log info can be provided to AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk for bulk provisioning these devices and onboarding them to AWS IoT. For more information, see Bulk provisioning devices with AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk in the AWS IoT Core developer guide.

This section provides an overview of the different types of provisioning flows, and the onboarding experience for your Sidewalk devices. It details:

  • The criteria that a Sidewalk device must meet so that it can be authenticated to join Amazon Sidewalk.
  • The process that must be followed by developers and contract manufacturers (CM) for provisioning a device to use Amazon Sidewalk, including how to bulk provision Sidewalk-enabled products for manufacturing.
  • The life cycle of a Sidewalk device or endpoint in the prototyping and manufacturing process.

If you are using Amazon Sidewalk SDK 1.15 or older, please see here for the legacy manufacturing flow

Sidewalk device provisioning flows

The following shows the type of flows that can be performed for Amazon Sidewalk devices. This section describes the manufacturing or the mass production flow. For information about the prototyping flow, see Provisioning and registering Sidewalk endpoint for device prototyping.

Prototyping flow

The prototyping flow is used to create a Sidewalk prototype device, and is primarily used for testing purposes. When you use this flow with AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, you provision devices one at a time, which will help you learn about the workflow and how to prototype your application. To use this flow, you only need to download the certificate JSON and flash them onto your device.

Mass production flow

The mass production flow, also known as the manufacturing flow, uses a number of factory tools and is designed for manufacturing in large volumes. This flow is performed by contract manufacturers (CMs) where your devices are manufactured. It combines Factory Diagnostic Firmware, Sidewalk Signing Tool, and Amazon’s Provisioning System to securely issue Sidewalk certificates to devices and register them with Sidewalk cloud services. For more information about accessing the tools, contact Amazon Sidewalk support. The mass production flow can accommodate your operation if you have a large number of Sidewalk devices to onboard.

After the devices are manufactured, the control logs are uploaded to Amazon via SFTP or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, and a CSV file containing the Sidewalk manufacturing serial numbers (SMSN) is uploaded to AWS IoT Core for Sidewalk. The CSV file is used to onboard the devices to the AWS Cloud. After this, your devices are provisioned in the Sidewalk network and they can send or receive data. For more information about onboarding the devices in AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, see Bulk provisioning devices with AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk in the AWS IoT Core Developer Guide.


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