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Works with Amazon Sidewalk – Badge Guidelines

Works with Amazon Sidewalk Badge Guidelines

The Works With Amazon Sidewalk (WWAS) badge may only be used in connection with AS Devices (as defined in the AWS Service Terms), which includes any of your devices or chips that connect to Amazon Sidewalk, that have been and remain qualified through the WWAS qualification program. Any developer or chip manufacturer that is incorporating the Works with Amazon Sidewalk (WWAS) badge, logo, or symbols into their content should use the guidance outlined below.

What is the Works with Amazon Sidewalk Badge?

The Works with Amazon Sidewalk badge helps communicate the relationship between Amazon Sidewalk and your products or services. We encourage all qualified products to leverage the appropriate badge to drive consistency and brand recognition. Qualified products can integrate badges into product packaging, online placements, and marketing collateral.

Once qualified, if you would like to use the WWAS badge, contact Amazon Sidewalk team to request for the applicable badge design to be provided to you. Don’t use multiple badges in your marketing collateral.

WWAS Badge Usage Guidelines

Badge Color Use

Three color versions of the Amazon Sidewalk badges are available in Black, Squid Ink, and White to allow flexibility for application on different backgrounds. Changing the text or line color is not allowed.

The white badges are to be used on lighter backgrounds. The black/Squid Ink badges are to be used on darker backgrounds. Note that black is specified for CMYK/print applications of the badge in lieu of Squid Ink.


Color palette


Clear Space

Clear space is the area around the badge that should remain free of any other logos, graphics, text, or borders.

The minimum clear space for the logo should be equivalent to the height of the Amazon Sidewalk text, [Image NOT FOUND]

and logo must appear by itself in a clearly visible location.

Minimum Size

Horizontal badges must be no smaller than 7mm high for print, and 55px for 1x resolution screen, or 110 pixels on a 2x resolution screen. 



When Amazon Sidewalk badges are used in third-party applications such as banner ads, as well as product packaging, retail displays, and marketing materials, the following guidelines should be followed:

Amazon Sidewalk badge should be a secondary element and not the primary branded element in the materials. The Amazon Sidewalk badge should be smaller than the key third-party product, message, or brand being represented. The Amazon Sidewalk badge in the lower third of the application or packaging when possible.



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