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Amazon Sidewalk Program Requirements

These program requirements are part of the Policies governing your use of AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk and/or participation in the WWAS qualification program. Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in these Amazon Sidewalk Program Requirements have the meanings given in the AWS Customer Agreement or the AWS Service Terms, as applicable.

  1. Your AS Devices and your use of Amazon Sidewalk must comply with the Amazon Sidewalk technical requirements published on the Amazon Sidewalk Documentation.

  2. Your AS Devices must, at minimum, comply with the Amazon Sidewalk Program Security Requirements. You are responsible for implementing any additional security requirements applicable to your AS Devices.

  3. You will not market Amazon Sidewalk in conjunction with your AS Devices in a geographic territory where we have not made Amazon Sidewalk available.

  4. You will not charge any additional fees to any End User for access to or use of Amazon Sidewalk (e.g., extra subscription fees for Amazon Sidewalk access capability in your AS Devices or accompanying applications or services) or any portion thereof, beyond what you charge for your AS Devices.

  5. You will not misrepresent your identity or the origin of your AS Devices.

  6. You will comply with any Amazon Sidewalk usage limits and will not mask your usage of Amazon Sidewalk.

  7. You will not provide your account credentials to any third party.

  8. You will display or otherwise provide to End Users, and not otherwise remove, modify or obscure, any attributions, copyright information and other notices, terms and conditions that we may provide to you or that you may be required to provide to End Users including for purposes of collecting and storing End User data or based on your use of third party “open source” software or other third party intellectual property in any of your AS Devices.

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