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Sidewalk qualification FAQs


How do I apply for Works with Amazon Sidewalk qualification?

To apply for Works with Amazon Sidewalk qualification:

  1. Login to Amazon Sidewalk qualification portal. If you don’t already have a Sidewalk360 login, click here to Signup and we will get you set up with an account.

  2. Fill in details of your Amazon Sidewalk product, company, and contact information, and then submit the form.

The Amazon Sidewalk qualification team will then contact you with details of how to ship your test samples to the qualification test team.

What happens during qualification testing?

The following steps happen during qualification testing.

  1. When Amazon Sidewalk has accepted your qualification submission request, we’ll email you details for shipping your test samples to the Works with Amazon Sidewalk test facility.

  2. You can download the test cases from the Amazon Sidewalk test case specification document. Our engineers require three samples with instructions for how to operate the samples. The samples should have a control interface that allows a test engineer to carry out the test cases.

Some test cases require packets to be sent and received from the associated AWS Cloud account. For these tests, the Works With Amazon Sidewalk test facility will set up a call with your engineers, so that your engineers can use the AWS Management Console interface to send and receive packets from the AWS Cloud.

  1. When your design has passed the Works With Amazon Sidewalk qualification tests and you comply with with the Works With Amazon Sidewalk Qualification Guidelines, your design can be added to the Works With Amazon Sidewalk listings, provided they meet the no-retesting requirements outlined above.

If you then make a product that implements your Works With Amazon Sidewalk qualified design, that product can also be added to the Works With Amazon Sidewalk qualification listings.

What happens if I don’t want to release information about my product before the product launch?

Optionally, you can have a private listing. Give the Works With Amazon Sidewalk qualification team the date of your product launch and your qualification information will not be published until the launch date. If your launch date changes, just notify the team to change the publication date. To change the launch date, notification must be given at least five working days before the previously provided launch date.

What happens if I don’t submit my design for Works With Amazon Sidewalk qualification?

Only qualified devices get access to the security keys needed to access the Amazon Sidewalk network, so if you don’t pass the Works With Amazon Sidewalk qualification, your device will not be able to use the Amazon Sidewalk network.

If I don’t need to retest every end product, why do I have to qualify end products with Works With Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk qualification is required for you to use the Works With Amazon Sidewalk Badge on the product packaging and advertising. This is a valuable branding tool to communicate the added value that Amazon Sidewalk functionality brings to your product.

Qualified end products have contact details that allow Amazon to contact manufacturers and service providers, so that Amazon can encourage developers’ smooth rollout of regular updates.

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